Raj Randhawa is a London based producer, director, and storyteller, with cinematic film being just one of his many creative expressions. A Masters in Hollywood film and television, Raj Randhawa has won many accolades for his work including the Best Music Video Director Award and the Best Debut Film Director Award. Raj’s undying passion for filmmaking with years of experience in the industry has helped him master the art of capturing raw emotion on screen. He translates his creative vision into reality with storytelling as its foundation stone. As a storyteller, he has an eye for creating the most engaging narratives that leave a mark on the audiences with their universal appeal.

Raj Randhawa has an interesting filmography, including a feature film ‘Covenant of Life’ that deals with the theme of euthanasia. The film’s story circles around the life of George Russel – a man striving to end his own life after being paralyzed in a tragic car accident. Directed in an extremely sensitive way, the film’s treatment leaves the audiences to draw their own conclusions on whether a person has the right to end their suffering or not.

Raj’s another feature film ‘The Foot of Clay’ draws inspiration from a biblical phrase, touching on the concept of how even the greatest and most admired persons in the world are not free from flaws. ‘The Foot of Clay’ spins a fascinating story about the life and times of Dara – a secret agent with a rare genetic disorder that makes him invulnerable to physical pain. But, no matter how unbeaten Dara remains in the external world, he cannot run away from his inner demons stemming from his past life.

The upcoming Raj Randhawa’s film – ‘King for a day’ is a psychological drama that revolves around the theme of homelessness. Set in modern-day London, ‘King for a Day’ is a gripping tale of a homeless man who comes across the chance of a lifetime with a briefcase full of money.

Raj is not only hands-on at every step of storytelling, but also among the few contemporary producers who have a refined sense of music. He brings in technical finesse into his work, without losing grip on the narrative. Be it music videos, action thrillers, dark film, art photography, or commercials, Raj does not believe in restricting his work to one genre!

Raj is never hampered by his own sensibilities as a filmmaker. His understanding of world cultures, cinema, music and also his own subject and story is enriched by his love for travel and best books about film and music, consequently fuelling his ability to churn out top charts every time. But more than anything, what drives Raj Randhawa to be present at a film studio with a film crew and his creative vision to weave magic on screen is simply his lasting love for film-making and heartfelt story-telling!