The moment you see the question – Do movies mirror culture? The answer pops up in your head & that is a big YES! The real answer is also YES, indeed. Movies mirror culture and also influence the wider audience who consumes the movies.

Let’s take a deep dive.

The film industry or the motion picture industry is a mass media that has a huge impact on the audience.

A culture covers many aspects like food, clothes, social behavior, beliefs, languages, attitudes, festivals, and so on.

Culture is not stable, it is constantly evolving as time passes. Just like that, the film industry evolves with the advancement of technology & creativity. But one thing is certain, culture comes first and movies follow the culture.

Movies are the trendsetter of modern culture. We update our culture with the inspirations of movies & movie stars.
Movie influences could be a fashion or trend which will eventually fade or transform into something new sooner or later.

Let’s reveal the mystery of being influenced by Movies mirror culture unconsciously!

We become what we believe and our beliefs are made of the information we already gathered about specific things. And we consume information from movies visually and audibly.

The United Kingdom – British film industry has been a significant film industry for more than a century. It has also never failed to impress and inspire the audience across the world. Some of the largest ever box office returns have been made in the industry are Harry Potter franchises and James Bond franchises. The alpha male characteristics from James Bond have enticed the attention of lots of men around the world. That’s what we call influence.

I bet you watched at least one of the franchises of those movies. Probably, the theme music of James Bond is playing in your head & the imagination of becoming a wizard or witch by going to a magical school like Hogwarts is going on!

British industry also has a reputation for splendid special effects in films such as Superman and Batman. A strong sense of regional heritage is evident in many of these films as well.

When we binge on movies, we immerse ourselves deeply into the movies & subconsciously set up our belief system. That’s how movies influence our culture.

Now, how are Indian movies portrayed that mirror and/or influence the culture?

India is the abode of many religions and has multiple film industries such as Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, and so on.

Indian movies are a blend of emotion, education, encouragement & entertainment. They follow the cultural trend and also be the trendsetter of modern culture.

Influences can be seen on even things, such as adapting the movie stars’ mannerisms, hairstyles, attires, and how people celebrate every special occasion and festival.

All those things keep changing as the arrival of new movies keeps increasing. Why does it happen? Because we are impressed and inspired by the celebrities, after that we start adopting the attitudes and attires of our favorite stars.

Don’t you agree?! I know you agree!

Let’s look at the portrayal of American movies:

Hollywood also follows the culture and hugely influences the audience across the globe. Be it fashion, high technology, or other stuff, American industry has its strong influences on the trend. Have you watched the movie “Back to the Future”? If not, go watch it! If yes, you know how technologically visionary & advanced the American industry was.

They are focused on portraying trends, events and also on solving the contemporary problems of society, with the help of superheroes and high-tech equipment.

Hollywood is considered the foundation of the arrival of various genres of cinema. Such as action, adventure, comedy, romantic, thriller, science-fiction and so on. It has also been a role model for other film industries.

Now, you understand the mirroring of culture by movies and the influences movies have on their audience. Whether it is Western, Asian or European, movies do have influences on our thoughts, beliefs, morals, how we see life and life situations!